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Maritime Domain

Amber™ is Horizon Technologies’ CubeSat-based Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) Non-ITAR Data as a Service (DaaS). The data is essentially Radio Frequency (RF) Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) from space.

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The AMBER™ constellation of six satellites’ payload will be able to geolocate and monitor vessels worldwide by picking up their Radio Frequency (RF) electronic emissions.

Correlating AMBER™’s Signal Intelligence is able to provide enhanced maritime surveillance assisting Governmental Defence, Security and Law Enforcement Agencies with:

  • Maritime Security
  • Customs & Border Protection
  • Homeland Security
  • Battlespace Awareness
  • Illegal Fishing
  • Smuggling & Trafficking
  • Piracy
  • Terrorism & Insurgency

Our Vessel Tracking Solutions

The AMBER™ Constellation of CubeSats is a Space-Based Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) Data-as-a-Service (DaaS).

The AMBER™ payload will be able to locate and track vessels worldwide by picking up their RF emissions using the L-Band Sat Phone detection sensor package derived from Horizon Technologies’ existing FlyingFish™ system, combined with X and S-Band sensors and an Automatic Identification System (AIS) receiver to detect, geolocate, and correlate these signals against the presence of AIS beacons.

Vessel RF emissions captured by AMBER™:

Our Signals Intelligence Services

AMBER™ is a 2nd Generation constellation which is unique as it will provide demodulated signal intelligence data from space in addition to the mere mapping of RF emitters. For example:

  • The capability to demodulate the L-band Sat Phone signals, and in some cases provide call metadata enabling Sat Phone (user) identification and call content.
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  • Not only can the maritime radars be geolocated, but they can be “fingerprinted” as well; providing customers with the Specific Emitter ID (SEI) of each radar.
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