Locate and track vessels
worldwide with or without AIS

Enhanced Vessel Detection & Monitoring by correlating:

1. Geolocations derived by Radio Signals Energy

  • L-Band Satellite Phones (Thuraya, Inmarsat IsatPro and Isat 2, Iridium, GlobalStar)
  • Vessel Radar X/S-Band
  • Inmarsat FleetBroadband
  • Long Range Identification System (LRIT)

2. Demodulated Radio Signal GPS Positions

  • L-Band Satellite Phones (Thuraya, Inmarsat IsatPro and Isat 2, Iridium and GlobalStar)
  • Inmarsat FleetBroadband
  • Long Range Identification System (LRIT)
  • Thuraya-IP

3. Real-time Automatic Identification System (AIS) Data

  • Static, Dynamic and Voyage-related AIS Data

Providing enhanced vessel tracking capabilities including the detection of Dark Vessels, suspicious vessels, ship-to-ship transfers, high-speed vessels without the need of AIS.

L-Band demodulated Sat Phone random-access channel (RACH) data

Providing processed information of the Sat Phone geolocation, its identity including Caller ID, TMSI/IMSI/IMEI numbers and the SMS (Text) message and called phone number/location.

X/S-Band demodulated vessel radar fingerprinting

Amber™ deinterleaves and identifies known and unknown radar emitters using pulse by pulse correlation with a library of radar ‘waveforms’. Pulses from new emitters that are found by this process are used to automatically create new library entries. The Specific Emitter Identifier (SEI) facilitates future identification and monitoring of (dark) vessels.

Waveform correlation technique.

GNSS/GPS Spoofing

There has been a marked increase in both the use, and the availability of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) spoofing equipment in recent years. To combat GNSS/GPS Spoofing, Amber detects the origin of fake signals and geolocates them.

AmberPersistent™ – Near Real-Time Amber™

AmberPersistent is a coastal tower or structured-mounted (Hardware) system providing Amber™ capabilities 24/7/365 in near real-time.

  • Enhanced Vessel Detection & Monitoring
  • Sat Phone RACH data
  • Vessel Radar Fingerprinting